How I Grow My Influence in 3 Months

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From Jan 17th to April 26th, I have been managing my Twitter handle for about three months now. Before I took the social media class, I barely tweeted. I just follow people I’m interested and read their tweets. In this class, I’ve learned many methods for social media post and I’ve found some of them really work in my case, and some might not be so helpful. I grow my followers from 8 to 38, grow my Klout score from 12.02 to 46.08.

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Klout is an indicator of how influential my social media activities are. So the growth shows my followers are more engaged with my social media, even though I did not grow many followers.

So here I will show a top 10 list of my tweets and analyze the effectiveness of the posts.

No. 10

I post it after the Super Bowl, and used the most popular hashtag of the day: #SB51. I took this picture in campus and thought about it related to the game. Even though there is no much information in here, but the hashtag helped me get 145 impressions and 7 engagements.

No. 9

Only 4 votes, but that’s like 10% of my followers. It get 154 impressions and 6 engagements. The voting is simple and I think that my followers didn’t mind spend a second on this.

No. 8

I used Twitter collage to post four images in one post to show my life in that weekend. It is helpful to get some more likes, 160 impressions, 16 engagements. I found people like to see images more than texts sometimes and the contents are more fun when having multiple images.

No. 7

It is a post to share a live Periscope event. It got the person who did the live to comment on me and got some more impressions, 161. I really like the live, and maybe I should post it earlier to get more impressions, not wait until the live is almost done.

No. 6

It is a post to promote my IG, another social media account. I did not put down the link here so that’s not very helpful. I get like 3 followers on IG after this tweet. No many engagements on this one. It is not very content that interests my followers.

No. 5

This is a evergreen content, which is a picture showing a inspiration picture. The hashtag is not very good here, and only gets 205 impressions and 7 engagements.

No. 4

It is a promoted tweet, with a link to my blog post. I spent $10 on this. It gets 1,673 impressions, 353 media views. 4 likes is a lot to my handle, I usually don’t get a like at all. So the promotion is a helpful tool if you want to get more impressions. I also use a funny gif to attract more attention and it is kinda helpful I guess.

No. 3

It is a public Twitter list to list some good healthy restaurant in Syracuse. Since most of my followers are my classmates so they might interested in the local food. I posted it during lunch time to get people think of what to eat. I also used hashtag #vegetarian so people who want veget food can find it. It gets 206 impressions and 13 engagements. I really like this method and I will think about doing some more next time.

No. 2

I posted a short video, filming by the Twitter app showing my roommates’ “office”. It was a dining room and now is all fill with her stuff. 255 impressions and 35 views of the video. This is rich information content and I guess more people like it.

No. 1

No. 1 is a gif post of my cat. Using #cutekitten really help draw attention and most people like cute animal. I also like the gif on Twitter and I think that is a very fun way to enrich your content. So it is my top 1 tweet so far with 274 impressions, 45 media views, and 12 total engagements.

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