If you want to solve problems Mr. President, stop tweeting

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We all know how much you love Twitter Mr. President. Over the course of eight years, you’ve mastered the platform and have managed to become one of the most followed figures. Good for you. But it has done little for you in terms of winning unanimous public support for your travel ban. According to NPR, even the tech companies are banning against you.

One little tweet voicing your displeasure that a judge would put our country in “peril” will not solve anything.

You’re a business man Mr. President. It’s time to remove your fingers from the keyboard and time get in front of the public and sell us your plan that’s more than 140 characters long.

Yes, Twitter is an amazingly powerful communications tool, but according to the media richness theory, there are richer mediums. For highly ambiguous task like getting your immigration reform bill re-enacted, get face-to-face with fellow elected officials who are critical of your position and win them over.

Also, please stop calling the media “fake news.” Your feud with them is just childish.

The media could be an ally on this issue if you answer their questions at press conferences (face-to-face). Face-to-face interactions, after all, is the richest medium and way to communicate.

And this need not apply to just you, Mr. President. All elected officials would be best served if they understand there is an appropriate medium for each message.

Just remember, tweeting won’t solve any problems, even if you add an emoji to it.

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