Let Hashtags Be Your Best Friends

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For Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, the world of social media is not a secretly. Throughout his presidential campaign and even now, he has consistently been active on his social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

As an elected official in 2017, being active and engaged with the online community through different social media platforms is important.

Smita Singh, marketing and branding strategist for the Huffington Post, says that social media is about being social. It’s ultimately not about your brand, it’s about you. Since Twitter allows users to tweet things with gifs, images, and videos, you as elected official should use that to your advantage to enhance yourself. Stephanie Miner, mayor of Syracuse, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. of New York, are good examples of how Twitter should be used to enhance your presence.

If you’re an elected official, you should take note of how Mayor Miner is using hashtags to reach people of the #TrumpTuesday community and how Gov. Cuomo included a video to go along with his text as a way to make his post more effective. Hashtags are your best friends because they connect you to people in particular community of people who might share that same interests or views as you.

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One thought on “Let Hashtags Be Your Best Friends

  1. I think you made a really good point here that hashtag is a useful approach to reach the community with the same interest. When people choose to use certain hashtag, it also somehow represents their interest, their desire to engage and even their opinions on certain issues. I also agree with you that video as a type of rich media can convey more information and context to the audience.

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