My Challenge: Virality

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Objective: maximize views and encourage engagement with content that will cause users to spread the content to others.

Who can actually resist pizza?


621 Imgur Views + 190 Twitter Engagements = 811 Total Engagements

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I received great engagement on my attempt at creating a viral meme for the first time. I learned how to create copy for tweets promoting the same content in different ways, and most importantly I learned how hard it is to actually make something go viral.

What worked? What worked best for me in spreading my content was utilizing Twitter Ads to promote my content. With a simple $5 Ad spend, I was able to reach 190 engagements. Organically, my most successful tweets were early on in my campaign, with engagement lacking toward the end of the campaign week. Promoting the link on my Facebook page also helped to increase my views.

What didn’t? After my first organic tweet, my engagement steadily decreased. This showed me that the tweets I was putting out were not being received well by my Twitter audience. What I think didn’t work was that I was promoting the same content in ways that were too similar, therefore my Twitter community was not inclined to interact with the content. I think an improvement could come from creating tweet copy that was even more creative, and trying to vary up the hashtags I was using more.

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Overall, I was happy with the engagement I received on my first attempt at virality. My most important takeaway was learning how to execute a Twitter Ad campaign.



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