“Santa Isn’t Coming Anymore…” #NHBuzzfeed Viral Content Challenge

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Christmas is around the corner, and many Americans are starting to get excited for the Holidays. Party, food, alcohol, family, friends and gifts! Adults have already spent a few Christmases knowing that Santa isn’t coming for them. They embrace it. They enjoy the food and the party, but young adults, often find themselves remembering how good it was to receive Christmas presents from Santa. My Buzzfeed post tries to appeal to the nostalgia of these young adults, and make them laugh because every single one of us goes through these moments of sad realization. Ultimately, in the end, Christmas is not about the presents, but about spending time with families and friends.

The main objective of this campaign is to create a Buzzfeed post and to make it viral online. To achieve this, the post is designed to appeal to the nostalgia of millennials and young adults as well as to make them be relieved that they are not alone in this. This mix of sentiments should be enough to make them share the post, along with the Twitter campaign to achieve virality.

Furthermore, the quantitative goal was to achieve a minimum of 75 viral views of the post within a 6-day period, and get at least 10 social media users including Twitter followers and Facebook friends to share it.

To further reach my goal, I used both my academic audience as well as my Spanish-speaking audience from both my twitter handles. From previous posts, I saw that a lot of followers from my personal account read my articles.

Furthermore, I used social media “influencers” both in Twitter and Facebook to reach my quantitative goals quicker.

I tried to appeal to a bigger audience by tweeting in Spanish and in English, particularly for the audience of Puerto Rico, which shares a lot of the American culture combining it with other Latin American values like the tradition of the Three Kings. Even though my post works in Puerto Rico, the same cannot be said about other Latin American countries because not all of them believe in the Santa Claus tradition.

Santa Campaign Facebook

The campaign was successful as I surpassed the 75 views, however, I did not get many users to share it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

According to the Twitter campaign, I got more than a thousand impressions, but those weren’t correlated with clicks. The campaign got me 19 link clicks, which account for 22% of the total views.

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My final results were gathered through the Buzzfeed Dashboard, and they show that I surpassed my campaign goals for 9 views.

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Most of the views were acquired through social media channels, in particular Facebook. This shows that people are still very engaged with Facebook because it allows for a better platform to view articles, and to open them.

The success of my campaign was due to the use of Facebook as I just mentioned since more than 70% of my views came from there. However, I think that the $5 spend of Twitter Ads might not be enough to get a successful campaign. Perhaps, just posting one time per day on Twitter might have not being helpful for me. I think that for a future successful campaign I should post on Twitter more than once a day because people go on Twitter at different times of the day, and that might allow me to reach more users during the day.

In the end, the importance of the campaign was to spread the Christmas spirit as we are already in December, and a lot of people are stressed about work and school. I hope that those who saw my post had a good moment and realized the true meaning of Christmas.

To all reading this post, I wish a Merry Christmas!


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