Senioritis Campaign

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Background—I wanted to create a campaign around senioritis, because I know most students are in the senioritis “slump” around this time of year.

Goals—I wanted to create a meme relating to those current college students, particularly seniors, in the senioritis “slump.”

Objective—I wanted my meme to reach at least 500 views on Imgur and create a Twitter ads campaign with a budget of less than $10.

Strategy—My strategy was to promote 1 Tweet to expand the scope of who would see my Tweet to a vaster college audience, rather than just my network. The users I targeted were within the follower look alikes of @NewhouseSU, @SyracuseU, and @UniversityJokes. I targeted my campaign towards the two Syracuse networks because I wanted to target users with similar interest to those two account’s followers. Syracuse University is large, and I wanted to expand my reach. I targeted the follower look alikes of the university jokes page to target a more universal and nationwide college audience. I also put out 1 Facebook post to target my network not on Twitter. I also posted once on Snapchat as a swipe post to target those of my friends not on Facebook or Twitter. And, finally, I scheduled 5 Tweets, not including my Webcard, to get my meme out there, as you know, on Twitter anybody can see and share your Tweet.

Resources—I used Twitter analytics to measure and track how each of my tweets did, including my promoted tweet. I conducted the whole campaign, and the subject matter was personal to me. I used Facebook to promote the Imgur link, Snapchat to promote the Imgur link, Twitter ads to promote my Imgur meme, and Twitter to promote the Imgur link. I also used Twitter advanced search to track other memes similar to mine.

Editorial Calendar—I created an editorial calendar in order to be accountable for my progress.

Metrics—I used Twitter ads to measure the performance of my Twitter Ads Webcard. I targeted an audience of mainly college students of roughly a reach of 109k-164k. I used twitter analytics to measure my meme’s success versus other popular meme’s success based on visible engagement, although results are not accurate because I cannot access another user’s Twitter analytics page. I frequently checked Imgur to measure how well my meme did in terms of views, comments, and votes on the website. I tracked my success by Facebook likes, comments, and shares. And, finally, I measured my Snapchat success in terms of views and comments.

Budget—I was able to keep my budget at $10 dollars total.


Senioritis Campaign



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What worked—

My Twitter Ads Webcard worked. I got 28 link clicks from the ad, 611 impressions, 43 total engagements, 235 organic impressions, and 376 promoted impressions.

My posts on Twitter, I could measure their success in terms of link clicks to Imgur, which was very helpful in terms of metrics. In total from my unadvertised Tweets, I received 11 link clicks. Not including my Webcard Tweet, there were 5 Twitter posts total in my entire campaign. Including my Webcard Tweet there were 6 total Twitter posts as stated in my Marketing Campaign. The total number of impressions I received was 1,113.

On Facebook, you can’t measure link clicks, but I received 9 likes, and 6 shares. My total Imgur views before I shared the link to my meme on Facebook was 822 views. After I shared my Imgur meme link to Facebook, the view count on Imgur boosted to 910 views that night alone.

I received 55 views and three chats on Snapchat, however I could not measure how many link swipes I got.

The hashtags I used definitely worked, which were #senioritis, #NHsmc, #University, #College, and #School. After my Twitter Wecard expired, and still within the campaign timeline, I received a couple likes from what I assume were people searching within the hashtags I used.

I also believe targeting the follower look alikes of @NewhouseSU, @SyracuseU, and @UniversityJokes really helped my ad campaign while the Webcard was running, because 43 engagements is really high for me with one tweet.

The tags I used on Imgur really helped as well, I assume: dog, husky, college, senioritis, and university problems. When I first posted my meme on Imgur, within the first hour I had received 500 views as well as 10 votes.

I feel like the subject matter of my Imgur meme worked because college students are a week or two away from Christmas break, and especially if a student is a senior graduating in May, they have all registered for their last classes. Or, if a student is graduating in December, I know the last couple weeks of school is agonizing.

What didn’t work—

On Facebook and Snapchat, like I said, you cannot measure link clicks.

If I were to do this campaign all over again, I would also create other goals for myself rather than just numbers of views in general on Imgur in order to challenge myself. I believe I set the standard too low.


In total, I received 921 views on Imgur at the end of the campaign as well as 15 positive votes, 6 negative votes, and 1 positive comment. Today, the final view count is 942 views.

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