Started From the Bottom Now My Klout Score is Up Here!

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I guess you can say that I have gained a following on Twitter. I started out with 197 followers and now I have about 268 followers, that’s a growth of 36%! Whoa! I wasn’t an avid user of Twitter so this growth shows that I have higher levels of engagement and an expansion in my audience. With this increase, I saw my voice and style develop and you can see that I was starting to have a lot more fun with my Twitter use. I began using more images, GIFs and hashtags to not only entertain my developing audience but to also expand my audience to other communities.

My Klout score (as posted below) shows the huge increase I went through in my score. That was raised by me posting more frequently on my accounts but also because I started including more forms of rich media while also adding variety to my posts. I posted images, videos, GIFs and utilized different hashtags. My jump in followers was a result of my branching out to different communities but also by making my Twitter account more active, more of my peers and colleagues decided to follow me and engage with my content. My goals was to reach 60, but I didn’t fully reach that goal. I guess that’s because as I got closer to the end of the semester my posting become more and more infrequent and I guess I may have loss some engagement and impressions from my followers.

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What worked for me and my followers was authenticity. When my posts shared moments from my life and didn’t come off too forced that’s when I say higher rates of engagement and impressions. Also when I cross-promoted my Instagram account and my Twitter I saw engagement on both ends. I guess people can’t get enough of the Chazz Inniss brand! What didn’t work for me was when I was trying to hard to work a hashtag into my tweets or when I was putting out a message that I didn’t necessarily believe in. I want to remain authentic when representing my brand. That works for me. I think that’s the technique that will continue to be successful for me. I also will keep up a posting schedule because consistent flow of content keeps an audience fully engaged.

With this post, I cross promoted my Instagram and Twitter. I do Morning Motivation videos on my Instagram Story every morning around 9:45am. I thought this was a great way for both my communities to get a double dose of Chazz Inniss positivity.

449 Impressions

78 Total Engagements

8 Hearst

1 Retweet

What worked for this post was the way I framed it. I framed it as if I woke up one morning and found out that I have been randomly selected to become a meme. Many of my peers thought I actually became a meme and interacted with the Tweet. Little did they know that I created this meme myself.

348 Impressions

56 Total Engagements

5 Hearts

1 Retweet

This post was part of the Journalism Matters conference they had at Newhouse. What helped me get such high levels of engagement was that I was retweeted by Teen Vogue and Terron Moore who have vast followings on Twitter. Also the hashtags I used got used by everyone at the conference. Also, great picture with Terron doesn’t hurt either!

2,306 Impressions

153 Total Engagements

26 Hearts



Tagging my whole team in this tweet helped with engagement but also utilizing Oreo’s #DunkOrFlunk hashtag brought it into a wider community of those trying to win their competition. It was a tasty way to deliver content to my audience. Also kept people engaged and interested in our Periscope later.

515 Impressions

49 Total Engagements

5 Hearts

1 Retweet

1 Reply


This tweet incorporated a whole bunch of emojis which added a graphic element that will catch the eye of my followers as they scroll down their news feeds. I utilized #positivity and #selflove to bring in those communities to see this post.

243 Impressions

43 Total Engagements

9 Hearts

This tweet not only included my punchy, fun voice but it also included a fun GIF that honestly reflects my personality. I think it was such a fun tweet that also incorporated a unique hashtag.

239 Impressions

11 Total Engagements

6 Hearts

This post performed really well because it was retweeted by Adam Rapoport (@rapo4) the Editor-in-Chief, of Bon Appetit magazine. He posts an egg picture every morning so I decided to engage with his daily routine by making the same thing. I also tagged @BonAppetit to make sure they saw my beautiful creation.

5,854 Impressions

247 Total Engagements

6 Hearts

1 Retweet

With this post I utilized a lot of cool stickers to give the pictures not only personality but also a story. It was a pretty entertaining post.

357 Impressions

34 Total Engagements

4 Hearts

1 Retweet

This post was a nostalgic post to my trip to Barbados last summer. It was an amazing trip that gave me a whole bunch of great media content from images to video and even GIFs. I used this GIF to give people major FOMO and I also tagged #Barbados which increased my engagement.

248 Impressions

18 Total Engagements

6 Hearts

This tweet just reflects the way I start my day. It helped my community feel included in my life and my daily routine. I put #AMVibes and #Hairspray to interact with the huge Hairspray fanbase. It’s also a happy way to start your day.

254 Impressions

11 Total Engagements

4 Hearts


I tried incorporating all the different skills from our class into my tweets. I used TweetDeck a good majority of the time to make sure I was posting at optimal times. I now understand my voice and authentic message that I want to portray on social media. It took a while to find out but after taking this class I can happily day I am ready to be a social media professional!

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