Where’s that SU Mafia At?

There is no doubt that Syracuse’s Alumni Network (Especially Newhouse’s) is second to none! But how do we find all of these awesome graduates who want to talk to us? LindedIn! That scary networking site that reminds us that we are about to enter adulthood. But fear not, the process┬áso simple you could even do […]

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My Growth Through The Semester

Well the time is here and it is time to analyze my twitter growth. I started the semester with 293 followers and ended with 374. This was a 28% increase with a total of 81 new twitter followers. My Klout score also increased from 39 to 44 during this time. There are many moving variables […]

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My Top 10 Twitter Engagements

Throughout the semester, I’ve produced a collection of tweets that have received different levels of engagement, and thereby caused my Twitter network to grow. Below, I’ve listed my top 10 most engaging tweets. I’ve also included analytics that explain the engagement of each tweet beyond favorites or retweets. #NHsmc The 1st day of class @ […]

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Influencer and Top 10 Tweets

Influencer Growth I started this semester off with 581 Twitter followers and ended with 645, an increase of 64 followers. While the follower increase is respectable, I was hoping to gain more followers than I actually did. I think I saw the biggest follower increase when tweeting about something with a trending topic or weekly […]

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Erykah, Put the Phone Down

Singer Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) made comments Twitter on April 11, stating that she agreed with a ruling that said that high school girls needed to wear longer skirts. There was an article ruling that high school girls lower their skirts so male teachers are not distracted. I agreed because… — ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) April 12, 2016 […]

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