Where’s that SU Mafia At?

There is no doubt that Syracuse’s Alumni Network (Especially Newhouse’s) is second to none! But how do we find all of these awesome graduates who want to talk to us? LindedIn! That scary networking site that reminds us that we are about to enter adulthood. But fear not, the process┬áso simple you could even do it while you are watching Netflix!

3 thoughts on “Where’s that SU Mafia At?

  1. Hi Gabby! This video was very helpful for the early users of LinkedIn. I think you did a great job of navigating this networking page. Syracuse students/ graduates will definitely be able to engage with your video because it was a quick and easy how-to.

  2. I’m not an avid user of LinkedIn just because people in my intended profession don’t really use it, but if I do choose to use it this will definitely help. It’s an art, knowing how to connect with people on LinkedIn and not just have it be another one of 500+ connections. I know we’ve talked about this in class, but this helps go into deeper detail.

  3. I love how you used Quick Time’s screen capture feature to make this film. I tend to learn best when I watch someone else give a demo before trying out myself. I also like the way you filmed it because it is easy to follow along to. I could even watch the screen capture, listen to your guidance, and try it out myself simultaneously. I wasn’t aware of connecting on Linked In through this way and your video definitely taught me a unique technique to grow my network.

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