To Eat or Not To Eat: Tide Pods

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By: Megan Kelly, Sarah Mullarkey, Viveca Ortiz-Torres, Anne Arthur

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Latest Activity: Procter & Gamble stated that it would not be removing Tide Pods from shelves after a Twitter account, not associated with Tide, tweeted that Tide would be removing Tide Pods from shelves starting February 1st. According to the latest activity, “tide pod” mentions on February 1st peaked at 6,500 mentions.

Geography: The majority of the tweets originated from the United States. 87.5% of the tweets had came from the U.S., 3.3% from Canada, 2.8% from the United Kingdom and 1% from Australia. Less than 1% of the tweets came from Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, India, Portugal and Japan. We predicted that since the Tide Pod challenge originated in the U.S. that the majority of tweets would originate from the U.S. as well.

Word Cloud: The words and phrases “eating,” “tide,” “eating tide,” “pods,” and  “tide pods” were the most popular among tweets. Other commonly used words and phrases were “millennials,” “running,” “baby boomers gen,” and “gen eating.” The Tide Pod Challenge is millennials challenging their generation to eat Tide Pods. “Running” was commonly used because people tweeted about how this generation is running around eating Tide Pods and how eventually the children who are doing this challenge will eventually be running our country.

Buzz graph: The words “tide,” “pods,” “eating,” “eating tide” and “tide pods” are the words most associated with each other. This shows that the trending topic associated with Tide is the fact that people are eating Tide pods. Other words associated with Tide pods are “millennials,” “baby,” “gen” and “running.” Many tweets were about how millennials are eating Tide pods and will one day run the country. People that were tweeting at millennials and “Gen Z” are baby boomers, which is why baby boomers was a phrase connected to Tide pods.

Most Retweeted Tweet: The most retweeted tweet is by none other than the Twitter star herself, Chrissy Teigen. On January 14th, Chrissy tweeted and it was still the most retweeted tweet the first week of February.

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