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The main objective of my viral content marketing campaign was:

To reach at least 500 views on my Imgur meme

My marketing campaign proved to be successful as I surpassed this objective by attaining 1,246 views on Imgur. The strategy I applied to my campaign included the following elements: creating an engaging and relatable meme; cross-promoting the Imgur link on other social media platforms, making sure to use engaging copy; and creating a Twitter Webcard using the Imgur meme link for a Twitter Ads campaign.

One factor behind the success of my campaign was my meme itself, and how well it matched up with my target audiences who were college students, young adults just beginning their careers and Black Twitter. I feel that the copy of my meme, which is colloquial and urban, coupled with the image of P Diddy, an iconic figure in the entertainment business, particularly amongst the Black community, made my meme relatable for my target audiences therefore making it engaging. Additionally, I cross-promoted the meme across Facebook, Snapchat and GroupMe. This was in order to ensure I reached a wider audience beyond just Twitter and I believe that this was useful in getting more people to view my meme.

Me when my bank account goes from $0.01 to $5.01

Another factor that I feel led to the success of my campaign was of my use of the Twitter webcard (image below). As you can see, I cropped out the wording of the meme for the Webcard’s image. This was one of my marketing tactics as I was hoping that by only showing P Diddy’s picture, people would be enticed to click on the link. In retrospect however, the copy of the tweet accompanying the Webcard was quite similar to the wording of the meme and so I may have given too much away causing people not to click on the link.

I pushed out the webcard via a week long Twitter Ads campaign whose total budget was $5. The image below is of the final metrics of the campaign, and my final engagement number was 267.

Twitter Ads Campaign Metrics

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of my campaign, especially given that I had never created a meme or a social media marketing campaign, and had never attempt to make anything go viral. The strategies that I used  proved to be successful and are ones that I feel I can adapt to other similar content marketing campaigns.

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