Twitter Influence: This is just the beginning

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Before this class I had never posted a tweet on my page, although I had created it in 2009. I had a mere 19 followers on Twitter to begin with and my Klout Score was 15.58. I was not aware of how to use Twitter, however, as I became more active on social media for professional purposes, I began to be more intimidated with this social media outlet because although I began to be interested, I had avoided it for so long, that I was afraid I would be bad at it.

Today I am at 63 followers, which means that my follower base has increased by 231.58%. It may not seem to be a lot in comparison to others, however, I am proud of it because it means that I have begun to establish myself within this platform and am beginning to have my own voice within it. My Klout Score also increased to 36.49, which is 134.21%.

I know that this increase has to do with the content we were challenged to post, and my consistency with posting, no matter what it was. I had done every twitter assignment assigned and realized that were was a trend in what was being received positively, versus what was not. Primarily, the posts that had media artefacts such as videos, pictures and emojis were the ones that did particularly well, versus my first few post (where I was still finding my way) and posts that just had words.

My Top 10 Tweets:



Impressions: 629, Engagement: 51, Engagement Rate: 8.1%
This tweet did well because it was documented IRL. It was also about a topic I follow and engage with on Twitter (food), so I have followers who would have found it somewhat interesting. I tried to get both characters in the shot, and I showed the mess of the food to use as a mockery in my hashtag: #isthisfood.


Impressions: 194, Engagement: 4, Engagement Rate: 2.1%
This tweet was composed during the time that weather was somewhat changing in Syracuse. I created an Ngram to track how popular each season is. I also used hashtags and emojis to increase engagement.


Impressions: 255, Engagement: 26, Engagement Rate: 10.2%
This tweet was about food. The basis of it was food and its purpose was to attract food lovers. I made a collage of images of foods I had eaten over the summer and used relatable hashtags.


Impressions: 253, Engagement: 71, Engagement Rate: 28.1%
This tweet was shared and posted everywhere. It was my first Viral Content Challenge post, and it did the best of all of my posts. I made sure to add the image of the meme, and I used a lot of hashtags, and a few emojis.


Impressions: 299, Engagement: 5, Engagement Rate: 1.7%
This tweet did well because of the person I engaged with. Salih Sarikaya is one of the top people I follow on twitter, and he was one of the people that liked my tweet. I also had a few of his own followers like it, and gained followers from this tweet. This assignment really showed me the importance of engagement.


Impressions: 201, Engagement: 7, Engagement Rate: 3.5%
This tweet was in an effort to bring awareness of mental illnesses and the how important it is for there to be an appropriate care system to assist those who struggle with mental illness. I added the link to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and used hashtags to engage Syracuse University.


Impressions: 138, Engagement: 6, Engagement Rate: 4.3%
This tweet was the first time I had done a poll on twitter, and I, again, leaned towards a topic I thought some of my followers would find interest in; food. I used the emojis that I thought were the most appropriate and also leaned towards the foods that I enjoy as cheat meals. I was pleased with the amount of people that participated in this poll.


Impressions: 192, Engagement: 4, Engagement Rate: 2.1%
This tweet is an image of my sister and boyfriend in London over the summer in a group-selfie. I used emojis and the appropriate hashtags to engage.


Impressions: 234, Engagement: 7, Engagement Rate: 3.0
This tweet was a shared image about the discussion of animal rights. I am passionate about this topic, and was happy with the engagement it received. I also managed to gain followers from this tweet.


Impressions: 178, Engagement: 4, Engagement Rate: 2.2%
This tweet was the first time I had ever shared a Vine. I thought it was funny and relatable, which was the primary reason I chose it.

Overall, I am glad that my content did as well as it did, especially since these last three months were the first I had ever truly used Twitter. I worked to use what we learned in class: that there needs to be a wide range of content, including visuals, that it’s relatable, and remembering to engage others, in order for one to ensure that a tweet reaches and connects with a wide range of audience members. This semester has given me the confidence to begin to build myself on social media by balancing my personality with professionalism.

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