Victoria Giannola: Top 10 Tweets

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At the start of the course, I created a new twitter and started with 0 followers. As of November 28th, my followers grew to 55.

I noted some trends in my tweets. The most popular tweets included media, especially gifs. Creating my own gifs and memes, added originality and novelty to my tweets. Tweets about food and travel also performed well. Mentioning Twitter handles and engaging in conversation with a larger account also increased my tweet’s impressions and engagement. Even a like from a large account can really boost a tweet. Learning how to create Twitter moments was a valuable skill. I never heard of it before this class, but it really demonstrates my knowledge of the platform. It is something I could tell employers about along with my knowledge of Tweetdeck, TwitterAds, and Twitter Analytics.

I think I need to improve upon my incorporation of links. The tweets that had links didn’t have much engagement. I think the long urls and lack of rich media with some links turned off my followers. I also would like to have more tweet replies. If I gain more followers, then it will increase my potential replies. I feel like my follower growth started to plateau. To increase followers in the future, I am going to tweet more, hashtag more and start following more people myself. I think Twitter is a great place to voice opinions and to share professional updates. I want to continue tweeting to advocate for the causes I believe in, to stay in touch with current events, to network, and to share original content.


#1 Top Tweet

According to Twitter Analytics, this was my top tweet of the semester. The tweet amounted over 6,000 impressions both organic and promoted. This tweet was successful because I promoted it with a Twitter WebCard. I was able to code the audience to reach my target, males or females who appreciate humor, memes, and food. I pinned this tweet so it would the the first thing my followers and other twitter users would see on my profile. I also used my personal twitter account to tweet the same tweet and retweet it. I did this because I have over 300 followers on that account. I also used my personal instagram, with almost 2000 followers, to advertise the meme. I put the Imgur link in my bio and then posted an accompanying story. Additionally, I decided to schedule my tweet for 4 PM, the time my followers are most engaged. Using different social media allowed me to reach a wider audience than just those following my professional twitter account. I received the most like and retweets on this.

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#2 Tweet 

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Because I tagged a known Classist, @wmarybeard, it garnered a lot of impressions. She liked my tweet. The hashtag, #Pompeii,  also contributed to the tweet’s success because Pompeii is a popular tourist destination. People use Twitter to learn more about places they are traveling. The Twitter search results of Pompeii are extensive, people are actively searching for recommendations, reviews, and pictures.

#3 Tweet 


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This tweet was popular because it included a photo and I mentioned motivational speaker, Lawrence Ross. Since I got Lawrence’s last name wrong, he replied and we had a discussion of four tweets. He has 18.5k followers that had the potential to interact with my tweet and account. I also tagged @SyracuseU and used the hashtag #racism and #SU. #Racism generates a lot of conversation and controversy, so it gave more exposure to my tweets.

#4 Tweet 

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My fourth top tweet includes a cooking video I recorded within twitter. Videos on Twitter increase engagement because it is a break from words on your timeline. Also food is always a popular subject. The recipe might also interest someone in making the recipe. This tweet also got two recipes. It was my first tweet that people replied to, considering most of my followers were my new classmates.

#5 Tweet 

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I promoted this tweet with $3 as a trial as a precursor for the viral content challenge. I based my #4 top tweet on this tweet by copying the food video format. I also made a reply thread to this tweet tagging @AllRecipies where we got the recipe from and including a link. I was surprised that they did not engage with it. I should have tagged them in the main tweet.

#6 Tweet 

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This was my first tweet for our class assignments. I was new to Twitter, and eager to make a presence. I included a filtered photo of food (a common theme). The photo was intriguring and encouraged my new followers to throw me a like. I used a couple hashtags, but next time I would have tagged @Smorgasboard so people unfamiliar with it would  know where this was taken. Changing my location to Brooklyn, NY could have also altered who saw my tweet. I suppose Brooklyn has a larger twitter base than Syracuse NY.

Tweet #7

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This tweet received the most media views (2694) and had the highest engagement rate at 81.3%. I created an original gif of my friend, Margot. She has a is a “micro-influencer” and is known for her Youtube videos. Her Twitter has 10.4k followers. I made a relatable caption that was humorous and asked her to retweet it. She like it and quoted it.

I love creating gifs and I think she and her followers really appreciated this. I captured a reaction that was truly relatable from her most recent video at the time.

Tweet #8

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I learned how to create Twitter moments in COM427. Because Greek life has been a pressing issue at Syracuse University, I complied tweets that pertaining to investigations following the Theta Tau incident. I used tweets from the Daily Orange, students, and reporters. These people were notified that their tweet was featured in a moment, so that increased engagement. I think people were interested by the topic and also curious to see what a Twitter moment is, as I was unfamiliar with the concept until this class.

Tweet #9

This tweet was also promoted as a test. It received a relatively high amount of favorites. This was a tweet that I scheduled in Tweetdeck for 4pm, a time that my analytics said my followers were most active. I think that was an effective strategy, so I used it again for the viral campaign. I can also conclude that gifs enhance engagement.

Tweet #10

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My final top tweet was from the “create your own gif” assignment. That was one of the most valuable things I’ve learned in this class. I am looking forward to studying abroad, so I tweeted this. I think my use of hashtags really helped boost impressions because Twitter users frequently look up travel on twitter. I also mad that my location, specifically targeting people in Florence, Italy or interested in that area. I would have liked a higher quality gif with no watermark. Maybe then @syracuseabroad would engage with the tweet.


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