Viral Content Challenge Campaign Summary

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The Struggle of Not Doing Dishes

The main objective of this campaign was to make a meme that I created go viral.  This objective was measured by if I could reach the mark of 30 engagements.

Overall, the campaign was an impressive success.  As you can see below, the Imgur meme received 708 views.  The Twitter Webcard received 298 engagements.  So together the total number of engagements is 1006.

The meme 1006 total engagements smashed the objective of 30 engagements.  What’s interesting is the breakdown of engagements.  It faired much better on Imgur, receiving 70% of the engagements on that platform.  This is despite allocating no funds to Imgur, while buying a $5.00 Twitter Advertisement buy on Twitter.

My analysis for the reason behind that is that the meme just picked up much better on Imgur than it did on Twitter.  There’s an element of chance involved with something going viral, and it looks like that was more present on Imgur than on Twitter.

Looking back on what I can improve upon going forward, I think testing out spreading the money $1 over 5 days each instead of $2 on Day 1 & 2 and $1 on Day 3 may be something to look into.  My reasoning into spending the money at the beginning was to get the meme out there as much as possible and hope it works at once.  I was going for a spike in engagement, which would get the meme the most traction.

I had two other lesser goals: 5 new followers on Twitter and 3 comments on Imgur.  I failed to get 5 new followers but did get 7 comments on Imgur, so in total it was an extremely successful campaign.

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