Viral Content Challenge – Jeffrey Gordon

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For the Viral Content Challenge, I created a meme about the stress of college and aimed to get it to be viewed by college age people so that they could relate to it and share it! Below is all the material and information about how I did it and what I did to achieve my goals.


  • 500 Engagements

Imgur Meme:

Types of Headaches in College/University 

Twitter Webcard:


Twitter Ads Campaign:

Twitter Ad Campaign

Campaign Analysis:

I think that my overall result was fairly strong. My goal was to create a meme that resonated with college age students, so I went with a meme about stressing over work. Originally, the meme said “Bird” instead of “library” but I changed that because I realized by saying “Bird” that limited who could understand it, limiting the meme to be understood only by Syracuse students, as opposed to all college students. In order for it to be seen by the right people, I used relevant hashtags both in the post and through Twitter Ads. I used hashtags like: College, Work, Memes, Meme etc. In Twitter Ads, I made the demographic college age people and I also had the location be focused at a few major universities, such as: Tulane University, University of Michigan, and Syracuse University. All of these steps ensured that the meme was viewed by the right demographic, which is college students, so that they could enjoy and engage with it.

Final Engagements:

  • 40 Tweet Engagements
  • 246 Twitter Ad Impressions
  • 1,755 Imgur Views


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