Viral Content Challenge Results: Autumn Meme

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The objective of this campaign was to gain engagement on an Imgur link and a Twitter webcard featuring an original meme. In this case, “engagement” includes the number of Twitter webcard clicks, as well as the number of Imgur views the meme receives. The objective of the campaign was to drive viewers to click the Imgur link as well as interact with the tweet, featuring the Twitter webcard, on their timeline.


Campaign Results

This campaign worked because the original meme was posted on Imgur. A platform based around the idea of virality, Imgur was the perfect place to house this type of content. I got several hundred views on Imgur before I even began tweeting for my campaign, and I ended the campaign, which ran from November 2-9, with 934 Imgur views.


Other Girls on Instagram vs. Me on Instagram


The $5.00 Twitter Ads spend also worked. I gained 36 engagements on my promoted tweet, despite the minimal spend.


Autumn Viral Meme Campaign Results


My campaign tweets themselves did not receive many retweets or likes. I think the meme may have looked vaguely like click-bait, so people did not want to retweet it onto their timeline. I also lost about ten followers over the course of my campaign, even though I tried to tweet a variety of other engaging content during the campaign as well. If I were to recreate this campaign, I would try to make my Twitter webcard look less like spam and more like organic content.



Final Engagement Number


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