What the world thinks about the #GermanElection

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Latest Activity

Activity for the hashtag #GermanElection peaked on September 3 because the most important debate of the election occurred that night. A three-day television discussion including candidates from parties not in the main debate caused the hashtag to pick up again September 6-8. Then as the election was approaching, we see a steady climb in mentions starting on the eleventh and continuing to the end of our analysis. Activity surrounding the hashtag skyrockets as we get closer to the election.



Both Germany (expected) and the United Kingdom (a surprise) had the most mentions of #GermanElection. After researching the climate of the U.K., we determined that it’s are interested in the German election because of the ramifications of what a new leader might mean for Brexit negotiations. The U.K. and Germany are also strong trading partners, so the U.K. is watching closely to see how a new leader might affect their relationship. We believe the U.S. is interested because of its economic ties to Germany, and Greece because it receives a great amount of financial aid from Germany.


Word Cloud

One of the largest phrases on the word cloud is “merkel won debate,” in response to the TV debate we mentioned earlier. In addition, other words relating to the debate were used like “tv debate,” “tv duel” and “ard poll.” The largest word in the word cloud was “qt” which is short for the BBC TV show Question Time. Since the BBC is a British network, it makes sense why so many people from the U.K. are tweeting about it also.



The most important words on the buzzgraph are qt, merkel, germanydecides, german and #merkel. A web of words relating to the debate on September 4 surrounds the word “qt” while another U.K. link is shown by #brexit being connected to #germanelection.


Most Retweeted

This tweet was so popular because it’s a story that suggests eight proposals people would have been looking for leading up to the election. Popular hashtags were utilized also with #GermanElection and #BTW17.


Julian Schoenbohm, Elisa Oberst, Larissa Urbiks, Zac Palmer

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  1. This was an interesting topic to look at on Sysomos. It’s interesting that both the UK and the US seemed to also be talking about the topic as well. It was cool to see that this was a global conversation and that many other countries were watching to see what would happen.

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