Who’s Ready for #Election2016 to be Over?

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  • To create entertaining buzz surrounding the week leading up to Election Night 2016.
  •  To get more millennials joining in on social media conversations surrounding politics and the election, in a fun, playful, and relaxed manner
  • Encourage sharing on different social media platforms
  • Arouse resonance and evoke laughter as many Millennials are exhausted with the hate surrounding this election and just need a laugh
  • Main Objective: To collect engagement on a single Twitter Webcard and maximize Imgur views

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

Final Engagement Number (226+49)=275 

What Worked: I was able to gain a lot of traction surrounding the first tweet I posted with the Webcard (both organic and promoted) I received 2 Retweets and 4 Facebook shares, driving traffic to the Imgur link. I also received the most favorites on the first tweet compared to the follow-up tweets throughout the week.  My engagement level spiked days 1-3 of the campaign (November 2nd-4th) which I believe was due to the Ad spend and the timeliness of the content. The timing of several tweets were crucial as they surrounded a hot topic that was stirring social conversations for the good and the bad.

What Didn’t Work: I think I missed an opportunity by not targeting college students more, as this is a majority of my follower base. While the Green Day reference is well-known, it is a bit outdated which leads me to believe that many of my followers did not connect with the content as much as I had hoped. Also, I think my followers were inundated with content surrounding politics, so this meme may have gotten lost in the madness of competing political conversations. It may have been better to steer away from politics and provide an image that college students could relate to more.

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