10 tweets that work….and some that don’t.

Even though my twitter had been active for quite some time, I hadn’t used it much before taking the social media class. Below are what I believe my 10 best attempts at mastering the social networking cite and how to maximize engagement and impressions.

One of the reasons i had rarely used my twitter before our class was because I wasn’t really aware the power the cite had when it came to communicating with people I look up too. For our first twitter assignment we had two tag two people that we felt were influential. Even though the tweet only received  104 impressions , it received 12 engagements. One of which, was from Justin Courtney Pierre  from Motion City Soundtrack. I was fan-girling real hard.

I was star struck, but I didn’t want to loose this newfound momentum. Luckily shortly after this tweet, another one of my favorite bands, telekinesis, had released a new single from his upcoming album. I saw this as my chance to get some engagement as well as promote the new song to my friends. The tweet, which was retweeted by telekinesis, received a whopping 1,760 impressions and received 33 engagements.

Later in the semester, I thought I would try to get some engagement with my favorite musicians one last time. This time I tried using some media to get some buzz. The video I chose is a Audiotree live recording of the band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin playing their song Young Presidents. The video was a few years old so I had been wondering if it would get any engagement now. After being getting a like and retweet from both the bands twitter page and Audiotree’s twitter page the post received 1,483 impressions and 13 total engagements.

To test out a different type of media I chose to make a gif of a video that always makes me smile. The original video was taken from a day after working with the Sunfield School in Port Hadlock Washington, a biodynamic farm and Waldorf school for children. We lived in a abandoned military barracks at the fort Flagler state park right in the middle of the Puget sound. Sometimes when you live in a creepy building the only thing you can do is dance. You can also how to teach your teammates how to do a creepy dance and then later convert that into a gif. The gif received a total of 231 impressions and 44 engagements.

To try to get some engagement from my fellow AmeriCorps Alumni I attempted to create a unique hashtag for the AmeriCorps members that served my year. The hashtag was #AmeriCorpsClass18 but unfortunately, at least at the current moment, the only Class 18 affiliates that I have connected with on twitter is the NCCC twitter page itself. However, I don’t see this tweet as a complete failure. As I continue to build my twitter page and reconnect with those alumni I plan on running this tweet again to try to get Class 18 some twitter love. The tweet only received 127 impressions and 3 engagements.

Even though this tweet was awkward, I wanted to post something that would be engaging with my friends who when to Herkimer College with me. I felt like this task worked well when we were told to tweet about someone who inspires us. Well, during my time at Herk Nation I wrote a song about my friend Annie. My friend Brady later came to me and asked if he could make a music video for it, and I said only if Annie has to wear a onesie. She agreed. Though the post was a tad awkward the video received 184 impressions and 19 engagements.

Around the same time, while working on an audio project, Annie offered to help me get some work done in the Herkimer studio. Well she was tired and somehow fell asleep on the patch bay. This picture was an accurate representation of our relationship and I though it could possibly get some engagements on twitter with a throwback Thursday post. The post received 268 impressions and 20 engagements.

With this tweet I tried to get to see if I could get the local NPR station in Syracuse to engage with me. After a first tweet that was unsuccessful because I only tagged NPR itself I tried to just mention @wear883 twitter page. It worked. And seeing as I was sitting in Café Kubal on the hill I tried to see if I could get an engagement from both of them. I did, yay! The tweet however still only received 152 impressions and 9 engagements. Next time I plan on incorporating some more media to get some extra clicks.

On this tweet I shared an article that had been posted by an old professor from Herkimer. I wanted to share it because people still aren’t really aware of how little Spotify pays back to its rights holders. I just thought it would be a little fun fact to share with the class. The post received 151 impressions and 5 engagements.

Finally there was the inspirational quote post. Originally a quote from author Charles Swindoll, it came to me after working with The Road Home homeless shelter in Salt Lake City during my time with the AmeriCorps Program. The quote was shared with me by one of the shelters clients on our last day working with them. I will never forget the people I had the chance to meet and get to know while working with the AmeriCorps program. So, I wanted to share one of the most inspirational things I had heard while I was in the program. The tweet received 123 impressions and 15 engagements.

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