I started using modern day social media when I was a junior in high school and decided to join Twitter in April of 2012. I was never allowed to have Myspace, Facebook, or AIM when I was younger, so Twitter was my only way to participate in the social media world that my classmates were […]

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It started with Myspace. I was a young scene queen who was filled with emotions best expressed by bands like Panic! At the Disco or My Chemical Romance, which you would immediately learn upon visiting my profile page. If you made it into someone’s Myspace Top 8, you knew your friendship was real. However, if […]

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Keeping Companions

I was late to the social media game.  I grew up in a small suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where everybody knew everything about each other’s lives.  I didn’t need social media to keep up with people and what they were doing, because my town was so small that if something happened last night, I was […]

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Modernly Mediagenic

Once upon a time, people only used traditional media like radio broadcasts, newspapers and television advertising to gain attention. Whether it was for a desired focus on themselves or a product, these were the only mediums that reached a large audience. Today, the quickest and easiest way to sell yourself or something else is social […]

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Friends, Finstas, and Food

I was fairly late to the game when I started using Facebook in the eighth grade. I never had a MySpace and dove head first into Facebook, sending pokes, Bumper Stickers, and writing on my friends walls. As I got older, it seemed that every month there was something new but I stuck primarily with Facebook, […]

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