From AIM to Snapchat

Even after self-reflection, I cannot decide if social media has changed me for the better or for the worse. The first time I interacted with any form of social media was when I created a Facebook account. After that, the social media landslide began. Out went the hot pink razor phone and AIM and in came […]

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Chazz Inniss, Beauty Vlogger?

Yes, I have ventured into the world of beauty vlogging.  With Great lighting, an OK idea and little background music help from Aaliyah (on Spotify) you can honestly do anything.

Check out my video below, who knows maybe you’ll get the baby smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of?

With a Toothbrush? Yes!  You can get the smoothest skin with this simple hack! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Chazzinniss

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