Need A Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe?

3 thoughts on “Need A Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe?

  1. This turned out so well Moriah! I love how you filmed this, the time lapses were a great idea for this kind of content, and the last shot with the cheese falling was a nice artistic choice. The recipe was communicated simply and effectively, and it was overall very easy to follow — even for someone who might not be familiar with cooking. You might not need the beginning intro, but everything else worked really well, from the music to the lighting. And it looked absolutely delicious, I’ll definitely have to try this recipe. Great job.

  2. This looked so delicious and made with healthy ingredients! It’s hard to find quick and easy meals that are healthy when you’re starving and tired after a late class. I will definitely be trying this out and thank you for sharing. Now I’m hungry!

  3. Moriah,
    thanks for sharing this delicious recipe with us! I feel that it’s more a how-to than an explain video but it’s great though. Music, camera angle, and speed are perfect. I definitely know what I’ll cook next week.

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