A Nugget of Knowledge #BlackGirlMagic

There is a story behind every hashtag. Whether it be long or short, some are more memorable than others. I would classify #BlackGirlMagic as one of the more memorable ones. Said to have been created by feminist writer CaShawn Thompson in Elle Magazine, #BlackGirlMagic holds a strong online presence with a mission of embodying the strength, beauty and soul of black women. #BlackGirlMagic is used as a counter to the negative portrayals of black women in media.

Just how many? There are multiple mentions of #BlackGirlMagic across many platforms. Twitter holds the greatest mentions with over 60,000, followed by tumblr (32,900), news articles (525), blogs (286), and forums (56).

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When did tweets peak? Social activity was at its greatest on from February 6 to February 8, before, during, and after Beyoncé’s  performance of “Formation” at  Super Bowl 50. During that time, Essence also released its #BlackGirlMagic February Issue.

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How far was the reach? #BlackGirlMagic is predominant in the United States at 91.5%. Nevertheless, it does have a presence in Canada (2.2%), South Africa (2.2%), the United Kingdom (1.1%), Slovenia (1.1%), Tuvalu (0.6%), India ( 0.6%) and Sweden (0.6%).

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What did people talk about? #BlackGirlMagic wasn’t just trending during Black History Month, it goes beyond being just a hashtag during that month. There is a history behind it and women represented by it.

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People spoke frequently about Beyoncé. The Beyhive spoke about Bey and supported her “Formation” using #IStandWithBeyonce in their conversations. Conversations involving #blacklivesmatter, women, essence magazine and black excellence are all present in “Formation”, which reminds of us of a historical moment.

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How did coverage last month compare? #BlackGirlMagic is pretty comparable to last month although, the peak occurred on April 5th. However, the trending topic was #BlackGirlsRock because of the BET Black Girls Rock Show.

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What was the most popular video? The most retweeted video on Twitter with #BlackGirlMagic came a couple of days after Beyoncé dropped her single “Formation” and the accompanying music video.

6 thoughts on “A Nugget of Knowledge #BlackGirlMagic

  1. I really enjoyed this analysis of the #BlackGirlMagic hashtag as I wrote a paper on this for another class. It is important to view hashtags that are very valuable and important to change discourse and promote equality.

  2. I noticed think I saw this hashtag when I was looking at #beyonceboycott tweets but didn’t realize how much it is used on Twitter! It is awesome to see a hashtag that not only represents black pride but also female pride.

  3. I haven’t seen this hashtag before reading this post but it makes a lot of sense especially around Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance. You did a great job outlining everything!

  4. I’ve never heard of the #Blackgirlmagic hashtag on Twitter – I’ve seen it with the Beyonce Formation video, but I didn’t know so many other people were using it! It’s a really awesome hashtag and I’m glad to see it becoming a popular and stable tag.

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