Attention Grabbing 101

Marketers and advertisers get my attention in many ways, I’d like to break it down to several parts. The parts are broken down by how the marketer or advertiser promotes, where exactly they promote, promoting in a new and creative way, promoting in a simple and not complicated matter, and last but not least making the promotion personally for me.  I’ll explain more about each below.

How a marketer or advertiser promotes plays a really big part. I love companies who are known for their funny commercials or tweets. Whether its companies who have catchy songs in their commercials that end up stuck in my head or companies that tweet in a comical way, these are the type that get my attention. I do not like brands or companies who are known as being too serious. These types of things don’t really get my attention. Two of my favorite companies to follow on Twitter are IHOP and Burger King. Below are some recent funny tweets from them that caught my attention:

Burger King Tweet

IHOP Tweet

Another important factor of how marketers and advertisers get my attention is promoting in the right place. I am a big techie and I am always on social media, so promoting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc. really gets my attention. Also promoting on TV channels that have my favorite shows or advertising on my favorite radio station plays a big part. I think it’s really easy to get someone’s attention when their attention is already given. Basically any place where I normally go to is the best place to advertise to me and get my attention. For example, if I somehow end up on a website I do not like, I will not bother looking at the ads on that specific page, but maybe that’s just me.

Promoting in a creative way gets my attention as well. Usually anything that has never been done before sticks out to me and gets my attention. For example, one day I was scrolling down on my Instagram feed and saw a 3D ad! It was my first time seeing something like that which really caught my attention. I thought it was so cool that I began showing my friends and family the ad and getting their attention as well. The 3D ad was from the brand Jamerson, although I never heard of it before, it caught my attention deeply. Before that day I never heard of the company, now I actually notice the brand when I am in stores.

When I say promoting in a simple manner, I mean something that is very straightforward. Most of the time when I see an ad online that has too many words, I don’t bother reading. Pictures get my attention, especially ones that are bright and eccentric. Or if it’s a radio ad or television commercial, getting straight to the point.  I honestly think the reason why Twitter replaced Facebook in being my favorite social media website is because a lot of my friends began to rant on Facebook too much. I would scroll down and see people posting paragraphs on Facebook which really began to annoy me. I started using Twitter a lot more and I love how Twitter has the 140 character limit which encourages users to state exactly what they want to say in a very straightforward manner. Here’s an example of a very boring ad that has way too many words for me and I would never give it my attention:

Bad Ad

And finally, promoting in a way that makes it personal for me. People normally give attention to things that are catered to them. I have seen many ads that made it seem personal so I looked into it with more attention. For example, getting an email with my name in the greetings makes me look at the email more than an email that has no personal greeting. Additionally, I was on a shampoo company website and there was an ad that said “take this test to see which shampoo is best for your type of hair” I decided to take the test because the quiz was going to give me results based on the answers I have given, which recommends the best product for me, I enjoyed that because it was tailored just for me.

To wrap it all up, there are certain things that catch my attention and it varies for every person. Advertisers and marketers know how to catch the targeted audience’s attention.


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