Down, Set, HATE!

On November 19th, the Kansas City Chiefs squared off against the Los Angeles Rams in what some would say was the best NFL football game of all time. As both teams combined for a total of 105 points in a Rams victory, football accounts and fans jumped on Twitter to express their feelings on this […]

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The Finals Countdown

Objective The name of my ad campaign was “The Finals Countdown”, and the main goal was to share my meme with the hopes of going viral.  By incorporating different tools like Imgur, Twitter, Twitter Ads, and Facebook, I created a detailed editorial calendar that was followed throughout the campaign.  In addition, within my plan, I […]

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Clean Up on Aisle Facebook

When I was 13 years old, I created a Facebook account with the simple goal of connecting with friends and posting horrific selfies.  Since then, I have been on and off with my usage of the social networking site, and needless to say, a lot has changed since I first created my account.  While on […]

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