What is the hype around Syracuse Football all about?

3 thoughts on “What is the hype around Syracuse Football all about?

  1. I thought this was a great video! I love your enthusiasm around the Syracuse football team and the school in general. You supported your title right away by introducing SU football’s impressive 4-0 record and even gave specifics about the points scored in the games. I think this is a perfect sum up of why campus was talking about the football team. I enjoyed your comedic approach of changing hats and adding in different expressions; it kept me watching and entertained. Overall, great work! Hopefully we can make up for our loss against Pitt this weekend…

  2. I thought this was a really fun video for a bunch of reasons. First, I really like how you did your explainer on something Syracuse related; that made it really fun and relatable. Second, I really like how you actually explained everything. You seem really knowledgable in the subject, and you said everything really confidently and clearly. Also, you seemed like you actually care about the subject so that made me care more about it. Third, I think it was fun how you changed outfits after every block of information, it kept the video interesting. My only critique would be that you should’ve filmed it horizontally and not vertically. Overall, I really liked it!

  3. Hey Austin!
    I really enjoyed your video. I loved how you wore all SU apparel, that was a great last touch. Your video was easy to follow and extremely engaging. I loved your enthusiasm throughout the video.

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