The Story behind #BeyonceBoycott

After the February 2016 Super Bowl game you may have noticed conversation about Beyonce’s half time performance of her new song “Formation”. One hashtag that trended after the game was #BeyonceBoycott. View post on Some people were upset with Beyonce’s performance because they interpreted it as anti-law enforcement. Many observed that Beyonce and her dancers […]

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How I Became a Better Tweeter

Technique: Over the last few months I have used several tools to try to get more Twitter engagement. Below are my top 10 tweets since February accompanied by a brief description of the techniques I used to engage more followers. Such an honor to meet Sarah Koenig this week and talk to her about making #serial! #AdnanSyed […]

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Quirky Ways to Tea Off #NationalTeaDay

It just so happens that #NationalTeaDay falls on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday… It's #NationalTeaDay and Queen Elizabeth's birthday today. Coincidence? We think not. ☕👑 #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty — DeliveryCircle (@DeliveryCircle) April 21, 2016 The British may be tea professionals, but Americans know how to make it trendy. (At least we think we do…) Check out these […]

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The Story Behind #bowebergdahl

Makes me sad that #serialseason2 has ended. It really put #bowebergdahl's situation into its proper perspective. #Serial — E (@e_Begrimed) April 3, 2016 beautiful @serial 2nd season finale held a mirror to the military & to our presumptions abt the #bowebergdahl case. #askquestions #seektruth — Rachel McAllister (@rachelmcalli) March 31, 2016 Well #SerialPodcast season 2 […]

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Group 3 Presentation

This presentation aims to define two communication theories: medium theory and cultivation theory. In addition, the presenters aim to apply these theories to modern social media to analyze whether medium theory and cultivation theory are relevant. We applied medium theory to Snapchat and LinkedIn and applied the cultivation theory to video games and non-fictional social […]

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