Influencer Growth and Analysis

Influence At the start of this course, I made a brand new Twitter to test out different techniques, which means I started from 0 followers. Over the course of this class, I slowly started gaining more followers monthly. When I started this class in January, I gained 14 followers, but I can’t say the percentage […]

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Trump vs Biden.. Who Would You Pick?

After the announcement of Sanders dropping out of the Presidential election, there has been much debate over supporting #Trump or #Biden. There are many people who are still supporting President Trump. These people vow to support Trump because he can “make America great again”.  We must not forget our country still needs us — #Trump […]

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Animal Crossing Meme

Objective The goal of the campaign is to go viral, or have as many people see it as possible. The measurable objective of this campaign is to hit at least 100 likes on Twitter and to have over 1k view count on imgur.  Background One popular format I have seen of a lot of text […]

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