Some of y’all don’t know your memes and it shows

A meme can be described as “an amusing or interesting item or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media”. Memes are generally taken as a joke or something humorous. Most users on social media, like Twitter or Instagram will caption their posts with a meme, which their audience may find funny. For example, the “and it shows” meme was very popular in the beginning of 2019. When you type in “and it shows” in the search bar, you will find a lot of different tweets that end with that phrase. I can generally relate to a lot of the ones that I’ve seen, like the one below. I think people find this type of meme to be very funny because it is relatable and targets the audience who have experienced it. I’ve also seen many people use this phrase when describing things that happened in their childhood or even in their cultures.

Another meme that I find myself always using is the “and I oop..” meme. Whenever I read tweets that have the following video, I find myself laughing. I think this phrase is very versatile and it can be used to convey a type of feeling or emotion. When people say something that you don’t really know how to respond to, you can say “and I oop”. When someone complains about something that went wrong in their day, you can say “and I oop”.


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