Steps in the Right Direction

Part 1: Influence Overall, I am happy with the growth of my social influence over the course of this semester. I came into this class never having used Twitter, so my account started with 0 followers. I am finishing the class with 13 followers, making my percentage of growth over the course of the semester […]

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Brow on Fleek

Campaign Objectives: Gain 10 followers. Get 15 likes and 5 shares on social media. Get at least 500 views on Imgur. Analysis: For this campaign I attempted to reach mainly basketball and sports fans while also drawing in some members of the health & beauty community. On April 1st, NBA star, Anthony Davis, posted an […]

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Will rapper Meek Mill be the new face of criminal justice reform? Mill was recently sentenced to 2-4 years in prison which outraged his fanbase and thousands of others who see Mill to be one of the many people unjustly suffering due to bias in our criminal justice system. Kaepernick says the justice system is […]

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Recycle…There’s no exCUSE

Recycling rules can be very confusing as they vary from place to place. Syracuse University students likely want to stay environmentally conscious, but may be under the wrong impression of what they can and cannot recycle at school. Here are the recycling rules and common misconceptions in Onondaga County.

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Facebook Taking Over the World

Facebook started on one college campus and grew to become part of people‚Äôs daily lives all over the world. Because of its popularity and influence both in the States and overseas, Facebook has found itself in the middle of many public and international affairs. This site has traditionally been viewed as a platform for sharing […]

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