Brow on Fleek

Campaign Objectives: Gain 10 followers. Get 15 likes and 5 shares on social media. Get at least 500 views on Imgur.

Analysis: For this campaign I attempted to reach mainly basketball and sports fans while also drawing in some members of the health & beauty community. On April 1st, NBA star, Anthony Davis, posted an April Fools prank about his eyebrow on Instagram that went viral immediately. I thought my “Brow” meme would be timely and funny in the midst of all the hype surrounding Davis’ unibrow, and decided to use the exact picture Davis posted admitting to the prank.

Unibrow on Fleek

After testing it with my friends and people in my sport management major, I thought this meme would for sure be a success to my target market. I developed a Twitter Ads webcard trying to stay with the theme of April Fools Day and pull people in using the holiday’s hashtags. I also included some key sports hashtags to draw in people that would be aware of “The Brow”.

This was my most successful tweet as it helped me to gain 7 new followers as well as receive the most engagement.

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My meme seemed most successful during the few days following April Fools Day, then engagement seemed to die down at the end of the campaign. Focusing on the #AprilFoolsDay hashtag seemed to be more effective than using sports-related hashtags like #basketball #NBA and #AnthonyDavis. I tried to publish my other promotional posts around the time of Pelicans games and bring in fans of Davis, but this didn’t seem bring me any additional engagement. The most effective strategy, other than my paid Twitter Ad, was sharing my image to the Imgur community.

Final Engagement: In the end my meme received 783 views on Imgur which met one objective, and my Twitter Ad helped me receive 57 engagements. In total I received over 15 likes on my self-promoted posts, but only gained 7 followers and had my meme shared 3 times. If I were to do this project again I would choose a topic that was relevant for more than just one day a year, but I am overall happy with the execution of my first ever campaign as half of my objectives were met.

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