Spreading the word of #GetOverMe

Thank you @elvisduranshow for playing my song #getoverme https://t.co/mdg6laTfia — Nick Carter (@nickcarter) November 30, 2015 Our new song #GetOverMe is available now!! https://t.co/SEy4iLIcZP https://t.co/q16Fw1i4th — Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne) November 29, 2015 If you like what you heard, you can download #GetOverMe here: https://t.co/KQhKTWVi4F — Nick Carter (@nickcarter) November 30, 2015 #GetOverMe đź’•đź’• Who's Excited? […]

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Introducing Juno, the #BlackFridayPuppy

Humans have a special relationship with baby animals. Research done by Nobel prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz showed that baby animals often resemble physical traits of human babies — large eyes, snubbed nose, etc. — and humans are subconsciously fooled into applying affectionate feelings toward young animals as we would young humans. Research aside, there’s no […]

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Mercedes Benz’s #GLApacked campaign

With the glut of social media outlets available for companies to take advantage of, it was inevitable that branding would eventually be streamlined across multiple platforms. Mercedes Benz was one of the first pioneers in cross-platform branding with its advertising campaign for the new Mercedes Benz GLA-class integrated together on both Instagram and Facebook. The basis […]

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