Spreading the word of #GetOverMe

Pop stars Avril Lavigne and Nick Carter have teamed up to produce a new hit, Get Over Me. A simple hashtag with just the song’s title has allowed it to gain notoriety on the first day it was played on the radio, and largely helped spread positive reviews about the song. Putting this instance in a larger context, this is exactly what artists and businesses in general are capable of in launching new products to consumers. All it takes is a hashtag next to the product name to start a public conversation about it on social media platforms. The hashtag for this song helped spread the word of its radio debut, and especially with the two artists themselves tweeting it out, people now know where they can access the song themselves on iTunes.

From a business standpoint, the hashtag could put a product in a vulnerable position being subject to the public’s honest opinion. From the consumer’s standpoint, it’s an empowering, desired position to be able to voice one’s opinion in a public forum. Twitter in this instance can serve the same purpose as a product like Yelp!, but for any product. This is an advantage of Twitter all businesses should try to take advantage of.

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