Influence and Growth Analysis

Over the last semester, I created a new Twitter account. While following the instructions of Professor Grygiel, I saw just how impactful social media can be– and while I didn’t become an influencer, I certainly learned a lot along the way. My Influence At the beginning of the course, I started with exactly zero followers. […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objectives For my viral meme campaign, I wanted to reference something that would be relatable to college students and young adults who might be using Imgur and other social media platforms to find memes and laugh. There’s nothing more relatable than when you give a presentation in front of your class, didn’t exactly take the […]

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Internet Hoaxes: Vicious or Harmless?

As individuals become more able to contribute to social media, internet hoaxes have become more easily spreadable. I’m sure people have different reasonings for starting internet hoaxes. Some may start them experimentally—just how far can one rumor spread? They might want to test the boundaries of social media and see if they can create a […]

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