Did Your Favorite Artist Get Nominated for a Grammy?

With the Grammy Awards coming up in January, the nomination list was released this week. Using the hashtag #GRAMMYs on Twitter, everyone seems to be talking about their favorite artists, or their not-so-favorite nominees. The biggest people being talked about seemed to be Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Lil NasX, and BTS. One of the issues that people are talking about with this hashtag is the fact that BTS, the popular K-Pop boy band, was not nominated in any category. This seems controversial to some, because they have a vast fanbase in the U.S. However, one Twitter user, @cantorpedia, speculates that the lack of a nomination could be largely due to the language barrier. One disagreement I found was regarding Lil NasX, with some users celebrating his success, and others questioning how he was nominated at all. Twitter users are also celebrating Taylor Swift, with her song “Lover” being the only song nominated that was written by one person– Taylor Swift herself. Finally, most people using the hashtag were extremely happy for Lizzo, who received the most nominations out of any artist.







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