Twitter: From Beginning to End

Growth:  I began this Twitter account (@KiaraBunting) with 7 followers. To date, I have 53 followers. Additionally, I have a Klout score of 33, which has increased tremendously since the first days of my Twitter account. What Worked:  I found that there were three very effective ways to gain followers, and influence. The first was […]

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Top 8..No, that’s not right

Just an update: parent's weekend was successful, Syracuse has a new cheerleader @jmgrygiel — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) September 27, 2015 This post earned 18 engagements and 191 impressions. This being one of my first posts, I relied on positive content and photography in order to spike engagement. Additionally, the post included a tag of […]

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Weekly? Monthly?

Weekly planners vs. Monthly planners #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly planners allow more in-depth, detailed scheduling #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly or Monthly? Weigh in now! #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Monthly planners allow for more thorough, long-term time management #PlannerDebate2015 […]

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Sorry Shonda

  Think back to the last thing your friend showed you on Vine, Facebook, or Twitter. Was it a funny video, a photo with a clever caption, or a prank gone wrong? Humor is a commonality among so much viral content because people love a quick laugh. Funny content provides a moment of relief from […]

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#LastSelfie: Saving Endangered Species in 10 Seconds or Less

Recently, The Worldwide Wildlife Fund embraced the increasing popularity of Snapchat through their #LastSelfie campaign. The social media campaign was aimed to bring attention to the rapid depletion of endangered species like tigers, rhinos, gorillas, and more. The WWF wanted to engage Millenials in the conversation of endangered species by bringing the issue to a platform […]

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Taco Bell of the Ball

Right now, more than ever, we have the ability to avoid advertising and marketing that is directed towards us. We can skip ads on YouTube after 5 seconds, scroll past promotional videos on Instagram, and simply ignore Hulu ads by opening another tab to Buzzfeed. Marketers and advertisers can no longer produce an ad that […]

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