Top 8..No, that’s not right

  • This post earned 18 engagements and 191 impressions. This being one of my first posts, I relied on positive content and photography in order to spike engagement. Additionally, the post included a tag of one of my more influential followers, which increases the opportunity for it to be seen by a larger audience. After using Hootsuite in an attempt to evaluate the use of the keyword “puppy,” it was used so often that a report could not be created. Puppies on Twitter are so popular (consistently, as the report was an evaluation over time) that it could not even be tracked, indicating overwhelming popularity.

  • This post earned 41 media views, 13 engagements, and 331 impressions. This post was successful because it included an already well-known hashtag, as well as a gif. Additionally, the post earned 2 link clicks, which was the main purpose. Again, the content was positive, positive content has been proven to be more likely to earn engagement.

  • This post received 192 impressions and 16 engagements, at a rate of 8.3%. Although the subject matter of the tweet was negative, the actual content was a positive call-to-action. Unlike previous tweets, this one was politically charged and was successful because it was timely; in line with a news story that was trending nationally.

  • This post gained 133 impressions and 5 engagements. It was a combination of echoing someone I admired on social media, in-line with the most popular topic she’s discussed recently. To evaluate which one was trending most, I used Hootsuite to compare hashtags and terms surrounding feminism.

  • This post was created to analyze the success/failure of an original hashtag. Because the post relies on an entirely new audience, it was much harder to gain engagement. Additionally, it was a hashtag pertaining to something specific to Syracuse, which limited the audience. It garnered 97 impressions, but only 1 engagement. It would have been more effective to use a hashtag surrounding something happening nationally.

  • This post was one of the most popular because the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter already has an immense audience, that engages with it constantly. It also gained attention because it tagged an influential user. It gained over 2,000 impressions and 15 engagements, along with 4 link clicks directing traffic to the class Storify.

  • This post was successful because the sentiment surrounding #SocialMediaForGood is overwhelmingly positive. Using Hootsuite it was clear to see that more than 70% of the sentiment surrounding the hashtag was enjoyment or affection. Additionally, the post was something most can relate to and connect with. It earned 128 impressions and 4 engagements at a rate of 3.1%.

  • This post was incredibly time-sensitive as it dealt with a holiday. Additionally it included hashtag #Halloween which (3 days before the holiday) was trending on twitter. Finally, it included a gif, which is proven to increase engagement. This earned 283 impressions, 22 engagements, and 57 media views. Again, the content is positive.

  • This call-to-action included a national hashtag #ShareAMeal, created by Unilever, guaranteeing an already vast audience. Additionally, Google analytics show a consistent spike in terms associating with charity through November and into December (the holiday season). This connects me with a larger audience than the same post would have in a summer month. The post gained 514 impressions and 6 engagements. However, despite the low number of engagements relative to impressions, the purpose of the post was to get people to use the hashtag on their own. Therefore, people simply seeing the post can be considered successful.

  • This post engaged not only with a widely-used hashtag, but a reputable, verified account. The post gained 352 impressions and 12 engagements. The post not only gained attention because of the topics it related to, but because it also included humor. The people engaging with the hashtags understand immediately why the post is funny.

By Kiara Bunting

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