Semester Wrap Up

When it comes to an increase in Twitter followers, I’d say the semester was a success. [infogram id=”nhsmc_twitter_growth7″] As for my Klout score, I’d say the same thing. I started with a score of 50.11 on September 8th, and today, it’s sitting at 61.76! Over the course of the semester, I gained Twitter followers. Some […]

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@Maxdar94’s Top 10 Tweets

Over the course of the semester, I’ve had some Tweets get little to no attention and others get lots of attention. The content all came from my head, and there isn’t a theme behind them. Let’s get started with one of my favorites: Congratulations to @Liam_Sullivan_ for being elected the next President of Phi Delta Theta! […]

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#Hillary2016: A hashtag with positive and negative connotations

Social media has increasingly become an outlet for people to express their political views. With the 2016 Presidential Election less than a year away, people have been Tweeting away, both supporting and bashing their favorite and most hated candidates. But one candidate who gets a lot of attention? The Democrat’s frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. I decided […]

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Who Doesn’t Love a Sunset?

There is no question that luck is a major aspect of material going viral online. But you might be able to improve that luck if you follow some parts of a formula. If you take a look at some of the most viral content, it is often funny, inspirational, practical, and/or engaging – usually there are positive […]

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What Makes a Good Story?

Every story – no matter what the medium – needs the essentials: characters, a setting, a beginning, middle, end, plot line, etc. A good story is one where those essentials interact together seamlessly, playing together, to bring you into the story world. Depending on the medium, there are more essentials that may need to be incorporated into […]

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tIf you’re an active Twitter user, you’ve probably seen the hashtag, #RefreshinglyHonest, at some point or another. Honest Tea, a popular brand of iced tea, used and is using this hashtag as a part of a huge online campaign in order to get people to buy their product. But it goes further than that. The […]

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