Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman?

In regards to the recent controversy, Hollywood executive pitching that Julia Roberts should have played Harriet Tubman in a movie, people did not respond well. On Twitter, many expressed their opinion regarding this issue. There were two different takes on how people decided to respond: take offense or make a joke out of it.  Some people simply laughed at the ridiculous pitch, while others expressed that they were absolutely appalled by this.

Under the #JuliaRoberts, some people cracked jokes such as putting her face on the 20 dollar bill.

Again, a man joked about the matter, suggesting the controversy as a “game”.


Most of the responses, however, showed that they did not take this as a laughing matter. People expressed that they feel this is racist and touched on the underrepresentation of African American women in Hollywood.


People find this to be so upsetting that a Hollywood executive would suggest this. There are so many powerful, and talented African American actresses out there that could represent their ancestors in a way that Julia Robert’s couldn’t. Poor Julia for getting dragged into this!





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