Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman?

In regards to the recent controversy, Hollywood executive pitching that Julia Roberts should have played Harriet Tubman in a movie, people did not respond well. On Twitter, many expressed their opinion regarding this issue. There were two different takes on how people decided to respond: take offense or make a joke out of it.  Some people simply laughed at the ridiculous pitch, while others expressed that they were absolutely appalled by this.

Under the #JuliaRoberts, some people cracked jokes such as putting her face on the 20 dollar bill.

Again, a man joked about the matter, suggesting the controversy as a “game”.


Most of the responses, however, showed that they did not take this as a laughing matter. People expressed that they feel this is racist and touched on the underrepresentation of African American women in Hollywood.


People find this to be so upsetting that a Hollywood executive would suggest this. There are so many powerful, and talented African American actresses out there that could represent their ancestors in a way that Julia Robert’s couldn’t. Poor Julia for getting dragged into this!





One thought on “Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman?

  1. Hey Sydney,

    As someone who heard of the suggestion for Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman in a new movie, it was interesting to read about both sides. I agree with you that several other actresses would be a better fit for the role.

    Thanks for sharing!

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