Baby Yoda Takes On Zoom Class

Objective:Β I set an ambitious goal to receive 300 views on Imgur for my Baby Yoda Zoom meme. I figured that with everyone being stuck at home, more people are likely to be online engaging with content on platforms like Imgur. Being that I also had never used Imgur before, I wasn’t sure what a realistic goal would look like.

Background: After the release of the Star Wars film, The Mandalorian, the Baby Yoda meme became widely popular. Everyone in my life has been absolutely obsessed with how adorable this baby version of the widely popular Yoda character is. Heck, my roommate even has a Baby Yoda t-shirt that she wears often!

My Imgur Meme:

Zoom Lectures

Analysis: In total, my meme received 150 views on Imgur, about half of my goal. When watching my strategy play out, I realized I did not focus on the proper platforms to make my meme widely successful. I mainly used Facebook to spread my meme because I had seen this approach taken in the past and believed for there to be a large meme community on that platform. I learned that Facebook is a bit dated. Many of the users on the platform are not in Zoom classes and therefore this content would not be as relatable to them. I should have focused more on my Twitter and Instagram execution to reach my viewer goal on Imgur.

Final Engagement Number:Β In total, I received 150 views on Imgur. Although this was lower than my initial goal, I learned a lot about executing a meme and marketing strategy in general and about which platforms work and which don’t. Therefore, in the end, I would call it a success and great learning experience!

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