BuzzFeed Un-Television Network: Final Pitch


How many times have you asked someone to watch a TV show and their first response has been, “Is it on Netflix?” We are living in an age where television is making a transition to online and people are streaming content more than ever. In fact, in five years, it is estimated that more than 80% of the world’s internet consumption will be video (Fung, 2015).

Let’s take that and look at BuzzFeed: a relatively new media company that has taken the internet world by storm and has dominated the video scene. While they used to focus on punchy and short videos that have a share factor, they have since realized the shift in popularity to longer videos. With series such as “Worth It,” which amassed more than 280 million views in the first 19 episodes, BuzzFeed is proving it can stand with the big dogs (Shields, 2017). Had the show aired on cable television, it would have been among the top five most-viewed shows from ages 18 to 34, and 60% of viewers who watch the show said they would be more likely to watch if it aired at a certain day and time (Shields, 2017).

This begs the question:

 Why doesn’t BuzzFeed do TV?

BuzzFeed probably wouldn’t look like BuzzFeed on cable television, taking the very essence of the company away. However, what if we could move this TV idea onto the internet?

BuzzFeed’s Un-Television Network would have all the similar characteristics of an actual television channel but would be streamlined on Facebook’s interface where they they have already seen immense success. The channel could include their already successful series such as “Worth It” and “Unsolved” but could also include news broadcasts and late night shows using Facebook’s “Live” feature or cooking videos to expand on Tasty’s success.


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