Catch-11 on Twitter for successful politicians

Social media is a special form of mass communication with some features of interpersonal communication. According to Agenda Setting Theory, Twitter, as a social media, exerts significant influence on what users consider to be the major issues. If you want to be a successful politician, you need to learn some new strategies to connect public awareness positively with your policies,  views, and image.

1.Twitter frequently, even though there is nothing important to twitter. You are the one that readers should always think about. Use all methods to increase your followers.

2.Use clear and concise tags to post new issues so that your readers can think about and talk about them conveniently.

3.Set new agendas to make readers forget previous detrimental agendas and to remind them of previous beneficial agendas for you.

4.Twitter issues which are more related to your successful experience and to your opponent’s unsuccessful experience.

5.In politics, lies might not become truth, but repeating lies can make readers think about your angle of thinking and doubt about truth.

6.Express your explicit attitude toward public events as existing agendas immediately after it happens. If you don’t express immediately, your opponent’s voice will be heard by your readers.

7.Utilize social hot events as opportunities of setting agendas that connect readers’ personal life with your political assertion.

8.Give readers the most available information, the easiest cases, and the clearest causal explanation for agendas.

9.Show a personalized, not a distant image which can persuade readers to talk with you about agendas.

10.Stress “key words” which can help readers remember your agendas. The key words should echo your policy assertion and your personal image.

11. Use personalized and clear words for expressing your attitude about agendas because readers need a clear target to discuss.



One thought on “Catch-11 on Twitter for successful politicians

  1. Sorry to comment so late… Just want to engage before we call it a semester. I really like your style on this post because I can see everyone else is writing a paragraph but you are listing an “instruction”. And it’s more like that you are teaching us to set our own agenda to the audience. I would say I used to regard agenda setting as more of a tool to rule something or somebody. I know you’re expert in politics and I think viewing the social network this way may help. Really wonder how would it fit to other fields.

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