Twitter Influence and Top Tweets

Part 1 Followers as of 8/29: 26 Followers as of 11/28: 76 Percent of growth: 192% What worked: I think that tweets that people could relate to garnered the most impressions and engagement overall. Tweets that talked about my day, often talking about school, were relatable to my followers, who are also mainly students. In […]

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Personal Influence Growth

INFLUENCE: When beginning the course on 8/29, my follower count was 297 and now on 11/28 is 328, which is a growth increase of 10.43%. WHAT WORKED: The 31 followers that I gained are majority current Newhouse students, both in the class and outside, faculty, or organizations. Using a previously activated account allowed me to […]

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My Top 10!

Part I: Influence On August 29thmy Twitter followers started at 55 followers. On November 28thI had gained 21 new followers. My follower base is now at 76 followers with a percentage of growth of 38.18%. Techniques that worked for increasing my influence and network: Overall, according to Twitter Analytics, my tweets between August 29thand November […]

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NHsmc Influencer

When #NHSMC began this semester, my Twitter profile was pretty new; I had 1 follower, 1 like, 3 tweets, and I followed 21 people — and I didn’t think I could become the type of person to really love the platform. Throughout the course of the semester, I’m proud to say that those numbers have […]

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