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When #NHSMC began this semester, my Twitter profile was pretty new; I had 1 follower, 1 like, 3 tweets, and I followed 21 people — and I didn’t think I could become the type of person to really love the platform. Throughout the course of the semester, I’m proud to say that those numbers have shifted; I now have 56 followers, 53 likes, 53 tweets and I follow 70 other accounts. To my surprise, I have begun to have a deeper appreciation for Twitter and I find myself using more of it each and every day. I’m not sure why — but I seem to do a lot more of checking Twitter, as opposed to tweeting my thoughts. Throughout this semester Twitter has become an outlet that I use especially for hard news as opposed to pop culture news. Interestingly, I still find myself on Instagram to check updates from sources like E-News or TMZ (sometimes junky news is good, okay?) but I’ve noticed this personal shift that Twitter has become my primary outlet to check in on sources such as CNN, MSNBC, etc.

After looking back to see what tweets of mine we’re most successful, I noticed that those either with images, hashtags or a celebrity name we’re always most popular. I believe, this is what increased my network. When it came down to which tweet was my most successful (but I, unfortunately, forgot the class hashtag) I tweeted a Moment about the importance of voting — using NBA players, actors, singers, and comedians who all shared their opinions on this importance. Not only did my friends retweet this, but my mom (who has 61.k followers) also retweeted it… so thanks, mom? From her retweet — many people replied to me and I did my best to engage with them. Again, this tweet did not have the class hashtag — but I am proud of the accomplishment, so I wanted to share that I received 8,012 impressions, 235 engagement, 103 profile clicks, 80 link clicks, 22 likes, 9 retweets, 3 replies, and 1 follower. I would have thought this would’ve eluded to more people following me, but oh well!

When it comes to my most successful tweets using the class hashtag, these are the TOP TEN: 

10. This tweet described how I was feeling during #YimKippur when I was fasting for the Jewish holiday. I tweeted a GIF from the Ellen show which I thought my audience would appreciate. This tweet brought in 336 Impressions, 53 media views, 9 total engagements, 3 media engagements, 3 likes, 2 profile clicks, and 1 detail expands. I think the GIF definitely helped me bring in engagement — I wish I had used more throughout the semester.

9. This was one of my first tweets for this class so I am pumped that it is in my TOP TEN for best performance. I tagged multiple celebrities, like Bobby Flay and the recent winner of Food Network Star, Christian Petroni. I then used a variety of hashtags such as #foodnetwork and #collegelife to attract a wide audience. This tweet had 341 impressions, 64 total engagements, 45 media engagements, 9 detail expands, 4 link expands, 3 profile clicks, 2 likes, and 1 hashtag click.

8. In this tweet, I retweeted with a comment to @SyracuseU, cheering us on. This was because I was so pumped that SU “made the switch from plastic straws to paper straws.” I think it’s very important to care about our effect on the planet and I’m glad SU does too. This tweet had 349 impressions, 2 total engagements, and 2 hashtag clicks!

7. This tweet had the embedded Periscope challenge we attempted in class. By importing this app, using two hashtags, and tagging a friend I found success. I had 359 impressions, 18 total engagements, 7 detail expands, 3 likes, 3 link clicks, 3 profile clicks, 1 retweet, and 1 hashtag click.

6. In this tweet, I used 5 hashtags, two images, and tagged Professor Grygiel. I chose these hashtags that all reached to different audiences such as #pizza, #Poland and #NYC. This tweet brought in 391 Impressions, 21 total engagements, 12 media engagements, 4 likes, 2 hashtag clicks, 2 profile clicks, and 1 detail expands.

5. This tweet was during the Emmy’s when Henry Winkle won his Emmy for supporting actor in a comedy series. I retweeted a tweet from another account to reach out to a wider audience. I had 474 impressions, 7 engagements, 3 profile clicks, 2 likes, 1 hashtag click, and 1 detail expand.

4. In this tweet, I shared a picture of Matzoh ball soup that I made for the Jewish holiday. I used a delicious looking gif of the meal, tagged a friend, and used two hashtags. I think using this Gif really helped me — this tweet had my most media views ever and my most engagements ever. I had 483 impressions, 805 media views, 109 total engagements, 60 profile clicks, 23 detail expands, 21 media engagements, 4 likes, and 1 replay.

3. This tweet was bittersweet, I shared with the #NHSMC community that I went home to foster a puppy named Lucy, who had survived Hurricane Florence. I strategically tweeted multiple photos of her and used a variety of hashtags. This tweet had 503 impressions, 31 total engagements, 17 media engagements, 6 likes, 3 hashtag clicks, 2 replies, 2 profile clicks, and 1 link click. This tweet has some of the most media engagements I achieved all semester, and personally, I think it was just because Lucy had the sweetest face, and everyone loves a good rescue story!

2. This tweet had 528 impressions, 98 media views, 6 engagements, 2 hashtag clicks, 2 detail expands, 1 retweet and 1 like. I used 5 hashtags, tagged a friend, and used a meme that was relatable to the topic, from the hit movie Clueless, to give the audience a sneak peek of what they were in for. I think for all these reasons, the tweet was successful.

1. My most successful class tweet came in with 651 Impressions, 30 total engagements, 12 media engagements, 7 detail expands, 3 likes, 2 retweets, 2 link clicks, 2 hashtag clicks, and 2 profile clicks! I think this tweet was so successful because it had two hashtags that we’re totally unrelated so they targeted multiple differences: #NHSMC and #blindmakeovers. I also engaged with another profile @AshlynBanner as well as used an image to show followers an idea of what makeup we would be using. I think all of these factors made this Tweet so successful!

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