Celtics And Thomas Struggle In Playoff Opener

This Sunday, the #1 seeded Celtics took the court against the #8 seeded Bulls. Isaiah Thomas, starting point guard of the Celtics, made a game-time decision to play in the playoff-opener. This comes to the surprise of many, as just yesterday, Thomas’ sister, Chyna Thomas, died in a car accident. It was a tough game emotionally for those involved. The Celtics would eventually fall to the Bulls with a final score of 106-102. This loss did not, however, deter fans from both sides from praising and praying for Isaiah Thomas and his family.

Most were supportive.

A few were less friendly, and more competitive.

As always the Boston fans showed their game-day spirit:

And some fans were more analytical.

While some were for the celtics, and some were against, there was an underlying theme of appreciate of Thomas’ tragedy and outstanding bravery. While some fans chose to smack-talk the celtics, it was pretty clear to all that the 5’9 point guard, has a heart and strength of a giant.

One thought on “Celtics And Thomas Struggle In Playoff Opener

  1. Spencer,
    I really enjoyed how you highlighted the way sports can bring people together in support of others during times like these. Of course, by the nature of sport, the Bulls weren’t going to play any softer and their fans were not going to stop rooting for them. However, it was amazing to see all the love and support that fans across the world gave to Thomas during his tragedy. One of the things that I love most about sport in general is that it stands for something bigger. Situations like these remind us that even at the highest levels, what is going on during a game means far less than what is going on outside of it.

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