Chubby Bunny Challenge, Movies Edition


Traditionally Chubby Bunny Challenge is a party game that involves the placement of marshmallows into the players’ mouths and stating a phrase that is intended to be difficult to pronounce with a filled mouth. Due to its size, shape and texture marshmallows make the challenge quite dangerous. In this video marshmallows are replaced by bananas (a healthier and safer option). Also instead of stating the phrases, the players try to guess the names of the movies. This gives the game slightly more intellectual value.


  • Modify the famous Chubby Bunny challenge by promoting its safer and healthier variety (using bananas instead of marshmallows)
  • Propose creative modification of Chubby Bunny Challenge (guessing movies instead of just staying phrases) and encourage audience to come up with their own creative modifications of the game (for example, books edition, countries edition, celebrities editions etc.)


  • Get my video gong viral and reach over 3,500 views.
  • Achieve cross-promotion on BuzzFeed’s various channels
  • Achieve the audience’s engagement through comments and Facebook shares


56 people viewed my video on YouTube and 53 viewed my video on Facebook. Four people liked the video on Facebook. There were also three people who commented on Facebook.



The main steps of my video campaign included making an engaging video, advertising it on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), uploading the video on YouTube and then sharing it on Facebook. The posting of the video was executed in the evening when people tend to use the social media the most. Overall my video campaign was fairly successful, however, there are multiple ways in which I could have improved it.

The video was quite engaging. It was successful in achieving an emotional response from its viewers, which is very important. Almost all people to whom I personally showed the video, while watching it laughed at least couple of times). The video’s oral and online feedback (in a form of Facebook comments) was very positive. Most viewers didn’t know about Chubby Bunny challenge and were inspired to try it (the banana version). The possible reasons for that can be the originality of the idea – it was the first video on the Internet dedicated to the Chubby Bunny Challenge, Banana edition. Also, I put a lot of effort into filming and editing it. Finally, the outgoing and funny personalities of my actors could also have been a factor.

On another hand my video didn’t get viral and overall had only 109 views (56 on YouTube and 53 on Facebook), which is relatively know. It didn’t get many shares either. It also failed its purpose to encourage audience to come up with their own creative modifications of the game (for example, books edition, countries edition, celebrities editions etc.) Nobody who watched it mentioned their own ideas on the game’s new variations. The main reasons for that can be the fact that my video lacks “identity” component. It neither hits the frames of nostalgia or utility. Also, all my social media pages are private (even though the video itself was public).  Furthermore, my video might not have reached its target audience – high school and middle school students, since all my friends and subscribers are 21 or older.

Therefore, when I will do similar campaigns of such kind in the future I should take into account all the factors discussed above. I should make sure, that the social media pages I utilize are public and that I’m using enough hashtags. While developing video ideas, I should focus on the identity, nostalgia or utility frames, to make my video more relatable and therefore sharable. Finally, I should better predict my target audience and think of appropriate platforms to reach it. At the same time, similarly to this video, I should make my future videos emotionally engaging and made with a noticeable effort.

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