COM400: Viral Video Campaign Report


  • Every day of the week can be described in a few words but why not portray the feelings of each day through GIFS, more specifically Disney GIFS? Disney characters are always trending on social media. This viral video is meant to describe each week day through several Disney/Pixar characters that many people know and love. 

Goals and Objective

  • To go viral and be promoted by BuzzFeed BFF
  • To be promoted by BuzzFeed and reach at least 5,000 views on Facebook
    • If not promoted, reach at least 50 views on Facebook


  • Total views (as of 11/19/17): 76
  • Total views (as of 12/4/17): 152


  • My first post with the viral video was on Facebook on 11/28. I waited until later at night to post because that is the prime time for Facebook users to check their feed. Then I posted a photo of my Facebook post on my Snapchat and Instagram Story the next day. The Facebook post grabbed more total views before my media posts on Snapchat and Instagram than it did after these posts. Thus, my repeated attempts to share the Facebook viral video did not work as well as planned. The concept of my viral video did relate to my target audience. This helped my friends share the video with their friends and family.


The days of the week as told by your favorite Disney/Pixar characters! Who do you relate to the most??

Posted by Lisa Nho on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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