Communicating through Screens

Social media has enabled me to communicate with friends and family regardless of our geographic locations. I use social media as a tool to showcase my skill set to potential employers and clients. Because of this, I am motivated to constantly create content and find ways to get my name out there in a way that is memorable to viewers. Not only has social media been an outlet to produce content, but it has also changed the way I consume content and learn about the world around me. Through platforms, I am able to connect with like-minded people and become familiar with my surroundings through multiple perspectives. Social media has taught me the importance of timeliness because it can make or break the way one is recognized by others. I have learned that showcasing that you were the only one to have access to a certain newsworthy event gives yourself credibility and makes you have something that no one else was able to produce. Therefore, because of this unique opportunity, when shared with the world, it grants the content distinctive because no one else was able to document it but yourself. On the contrary, I think social media has made me more dependent on communicating through screens rather than face-to-face. I am constantly using technology as a way to absorb time, rather than exploring with my feet. There is a lot of information that can be obtained through social media, but I think it is important to stay true to human nature.

source:, @JonHaidt, @shathamaskiry

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