Conversation Analysis: #TH4NKSGIVING

This Thanksgiving, the Green Bay Packers retired former quarterback Brett Favre’s famed #4. Favre tumultuous end to his career where he¬†retired, un-retired, retired again, un-retired to play for the Packers’ division rival, and then finally retired again. So, there was some question as to how Favre would be received in his return to Green Bay.

Judging by the Packers-created¬†hashtag #TH4NKSGIVING, Favre’s halftime jersey retirement ceremony touched Packers fans and neutral viewers alike. The Packers, NFL, and Milwaukee Brewers’ official accounts all tweeted before or during the ceremony, initially driving the conversation on Twitter before fans chimed in.





Given Favre’s history, an injury to current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers early in the second half caused many to joke that he would find a way to suit up for the game, despite just having his jersey retired.



But, the conversation surrounding #TH4NKSGIVING was not universally positive. Some used the hashtag to criticize Favre.


In fact, not all of the conversation was related to the ceremony. Likely because of the hashtag’s popularity and the similarity to “Thanksgiving,” many tweeted mundane observations about the holiday, and not about Favre.

The use of #TH4NKSGIVING during Brett Favre’s jersey retirement was mostly positive, thanks to tweets from key accounts that initially drove the conversation. But, some used the hashtag to criticize Favre, and others used it to tweet about the holiday, not the ceremony.

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  1. Favre turned into a player that was easier to dislike towards the end of the career due to his indecisiveness, but I think because he seemed like he was an average joe type of guy most people still liked him as displayed by the tweets.

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